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Meet Chris, Owner and DJ at Milwaukee Underground

Playing guitar and writing music was my first deep connection to music. My favorite was pop-punk and rock, but I grew to appreciate and love all genres and artists. The talent and skill that goes behind every song is something to admire.


Today, after DJing for 10 years, I've learned what couples enjoy most about our DJ Service. Attention to detail, friendly DJ's, great customer service, and playing the music that you want to hear.


We're proud to have an amazing team of talented DJ's, who share our same passion for giving our clients the best experience possible.


-Chris - Owner/DJ


Meet our Wedding DJ's

Which Wedding DJ Company should I choose? What will my DJ be like? Just Experienced Wedding DJ's who love what they do and have fun doing it. Meet our team of Wedding DJ's below.


DJ Chris - Owner & DJ

Over 10 years of experience!

Offers: Photo Booth & Uplighting!

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DJ Mason - Wedding DJ

Over 5 years of experience!

Offers: Digital Photo Booth


DJ Orlando - Wedding DJ

Over 10 years of experience!

Offers: Uplighting


DJ Craig - Wedding DJ

Over 20 years of experience!

Offers: Uplighting!


DJ John - Wedding DJ

Over 10 years of experience!


DJ Shamonte - Wedding DJ

Over 8 years of experience!

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DJ Chris CAP

Over 20 years of experience!

Offers: Uplighting

MUP DJ Profile Bio Pics

DJ Andres - Wedding DJ

Over 19 years of experience!

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Our Approach to being Wedding DJ's

We love what we do. We work to understand your vision of the perfect event and skillfully bring that to life. We ask the right questions about your needs and tailor our services to you. We're a Wedding DJ Company you can count on.


We're responsive to emails and questions, and keep everything simple and easy. Customize your entire experience, or we'll take over and handle everything.

What makes our Wedding DJ Company great?

Our DJ's have their own style and personality. Some qualities we all share are our commitment to the couple and their preferences, being responsive and friendly, and great customer service. Each DJ brings their own expertise and experiences, but you'll enjoy the same care from our entire team of Wedding DJ's.


What are your DJ's Style?

We have DJ's of all varieties. Some are DJ's that play the full song with faded transitions between, some DJ's like to beat-mix and beat-match more often than not. If you have any preference in style, music selection or personality, we can recommend a DJ that's the right fit for your wedding.

If we're not a good fit to meet your wants or needs, we'll let you know. We'd love to earn your business, but it's more important that you find the right fit for your special day, even if it's not with our wedding dj company.


Do we meet with our DJ before or during the wedding planning process?

You'll work directly with your DJ after booking our DJ Service. and leading up to your wedding. Before you sign-up, you can "meet" our DJ's on our About page, where you can learn more about each DJ and watch their promo video.


Learn more about our DJ Services

Check out our DJ Packages and find one that best fits your needs. Affordable DJ prices with everything you need for your special day.  Personal service with the resources of a bigger wedding DJ company.